Welcome to the AFA Blog! It is 2013, after all…

Finally, I break down and get the blog up and running!  This is something that’s been on the to do list for over a year now, so with the New Year upon us it seems appropriate to get it going.  First let me say, I am so incredibly lucky to be here…doing what I love, with the people that I love.  I welcome you to this crazy, amazing life of mine!

So, a little about me:  I grew up in a small Vermont town with my younger sister and parents and moved to Maine in the summer of 1982.  Although I have returned to my home state many times (even moved back for a few years), I am always drawn to the beauty of the coast and inspired by the creative souls that inhabit this gorgeous State.  I knew at a very young age how important the dynamics of family were to me.  You know, that moment where you come to realize that the people that you love so dearly won’t be around forever?   I’ll admit, this early recognition wasn’t always a force driven with intentions of close ties, but today I am so grateful to say it is a priority to look beyond differences and take advantage of every day that I have in their presence.  Life is so precious and short…it should be celebrated, with every opportunity.  My girls (Ana, 4 and Emmi, 1) are my motivators and inspiration.  I am so fortunate to have such healthy, happy girls, and to watch them grow in front of my very eyes.  They are incredible teachers of life, of love and of what truly matters.


Of course, before these two loves of my life came along, there was my amazing life partner, best friend, my yin to my yang.  He is my superhero and greatest source of support and laughter…doesn’t he look the part??


Here I aspire to share my professional experience as a party producer, host, designer, coordinator, promoter, craftsman, chef and partner in crime, not in that specific order.  I think that Maine has an incredible amount to offer in the way of talented and supportive service community and I feel so proud to be a part of it.  I hope that you feel inspired to commemorate your life with every opportunity, however big or small, in whatever way possible.

With great love,



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