A Very Primal 60th Birthday

We were so fortunate to help with the planning of Dr. Verne Weisberg’s recent birthday celebration at their home.  Verne’s wife, Tracey contacted me the week before Christmas seeking some help with the overall logistics and design of the event.  As Tracey shared with me a bit of background about Verne, I was inspired byContinue reading “A Very Primal 60th Birthday”

Welcome to the AFA Blog! It is 2013, after all…

Finally, I break down and get the blog up and running!  This is something that’s been on the to do list for over a year now, so with the New Year upon us it seems appropriate to get it going.  First let me say, I am so incredibly lucky to be here…doing what I love,Continue reading “Welcome to the AFA Blog! It is 2013, after all…”