Garden Nursery Inspired Shoot | The Barn at Flanagan Farm

Wow…after days like these it’s hard to believe that daylight savings time is just around the corner!  With the wind whipping outside my window I think warm thoughts again of this day and bringing it all together.  I’d like to thank Jamie Moody for working so hard with me to get through the set upContinue reading “Garden Nursery Inspired Shoot | The Barn at Flanagan Farm”

{Showy} Food Presentation

I have been looking forward to writing this post, because it’s the subject that I know most about and have the most professional experience with.  I love reading about it, experimenting with it, watching it come together like art work with all it’s many colors, flavors, textures and glory….and of course, enjoying it.  I haveContinue reading “{Showy} Food Presentation”

Beatrix Potter Inspired Tea Party | The Barn at Flanagan Farm

With the snow storm upon us, it feels good to warm things up by dreaming of the colors and smells of spring weather!  Don’t get me wrong, I am loving watching these beautiful flakes fall down outside my window but theres something to be said for the smell of plants nesting in soil in aContinue reading “Beatrix Potter Inspired Tea Party | The Barn at Flanagan Farm”

Winter Wedding Inspiration Shoot | The Barn at Walnut Hill

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  Last year at about this time we were so lucky to be invited to collaborate on a styled photo shoot at The Barn on Walnut Hill.  Becca from Petal Floral Design had contacted me on a Friday, with interest in some props as well as assistance in sourcing some other hard to find items.Continue reading “Winter Wedding Inspiration Shoot | The Barn at Walnut Hill”