Jamie + Lawrence’s Wohelo Camp Wedding | Raymond, ME

Where. To. Begin?! This one was SO special. Jamie and Lawrence celebrated their first anniversary this past weekend and we’ve been reminiscing about their day ever since. Not only have we been lucky enough to work alongside Jamie as she photographed many of our Client’s weddings throughout the years, or fortunate enough to have herContinue reading “Jamie + Lawrence’s Wohelo Camp Wedding | Raymond, ME”

Kendra and Ted’s Kingsley Pines Wedding | Raymond, Maine

The final wedding feature of our four part series of #campstyle is here, and I’m telling you friends, this one is a beauty! Kendra and Ted met in 2010 during their first days of orientation at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. According to Ted, Kendra was the striking beauty from across the room, theContinue reading “Kendra and Ted’s Kingsley Pines Wedding | Raymond, Maine”

Hannah and Zak’s Camp Kieve Wedding | Nobleboro, Maine

Are you getting tired of seeing all of these fabulous camp weddings yet? Don’t worry, we aren’t either. Camp weddings are not only one of the trendiest venues these days, but truly showcase everything that we love about this great state of Maine. You simply cannot go wrong with having your ceremony outdoors, overlooking the sparkling water ofContinue reading “Hannah and Zak’s Camp Kieve Wedding | Nobleboro, Maine”

Daija and Tal’s Camp Mataponi Wedding | Naples, Maine

Happy December my sweet friends! We were certainly in for a treat when revisiting this camp wedding on the banks of picturesque Sebago Lakes in Naples. If you ask me, Camp Mataponi is a secret gem in this beautiful state, and needless to say, we were pleased to work at such an inspiring venue. Even more special wasContinue reading “Daija and Tal’s Camp Mataponi Wedding | Naples, Maine”