Lucie and Dave’s Wedding at Flanagan Farm | Buxton, ME

Happy 2022! Happy February and happy to be back at it! We’re finally getting around to sharing all of the BEAUTY that was 2021…what a whirlwind the last year was for all of us! No one was tested more than the couples who planned on having a 2021 wedding. We empathize with every couple whoContinue reading “Lucie and Dave’s Wedding at Flanagan Farm | Buxton, ME”

Jamie + Lawrence’s Wohelo Camp Wedding | Raymond, ME

Where. To. Begin?! This one was SO special. Jamie and Lawrence celebrated their first anniversary this past weekend and we’ve been reminiscing about their day ever since. Not only have we been lucky enough to work alongside Jamie as she photographed many of our Client’s weddings throughout the years, or fortunate enough to have herContinue reading “Jamie + Lawrence’s Wohelo Camp Wedding | Raymond, ME”

Jenna + Alan’s Hidden Pond Wedding | Kennebunkport, Maine

Hope you’re ready for all the feels, my friends! As we’re enjoying another fabulous start to the season, Jenna and Alans’ sweet summer wedding has been on my mind. This couple is one of a kind, and their stunner of a wedding showed off their unique personalities in the best possible way. Too excited toContinue reading “Jenna + Alan’s Hidden Pond Wedding | Kennebunkport, Maine”

Blue Moon Vendor Soiree

Happy fool’s day, y’all! And what better to spend this day celebrating Anniversary #2 of our showroom space with a blog post celebrating Anniversary #1. Last year around this time, we hosted an epic Gratitude Gathering with some of our favorite Clients and friends from the wedding industry. We centered the night in further celebrationContinue reading “Blue Moon Vendor Soiree”

Katie and Johnny’s Intimate Hidden Pond Wedding | Kennebunkport, Maine

Katie and Johnny are two of the most fun and interesting couples I’ve been blessed to know.  I mean, they met at a hip hop dance club their freshman year at Bowdoin to start…how boss is that?! Katie immediately noticed Johnny because, well, he was the only guy in the class – and, as sheContinue reading “Katie and Johnny’s Intimate Hidden Pond Wedding | Kennebunkport, Maine”

Sheela and Joe’s Barn on Walnut Hill Wedding | North Yarmouth, Maine

Oh Sheela and Joe.  Where do I begin with one of the sweetest, most genuine couples out there?  Thinking about their wedding at The Barn at Walnut Hill just makes me get all warm and fuzzy – they were just SO incredibly pleasant.  They are one of those couples that you’re just drawn to due toContinue reading “Sheela and Joe’s Barn on Walnut Hill Wedding | North Yarmouth, Maine”

Jolie and Casey’s Enchanting Western Maine Wedding | Granite Ridge Estate and Barn

Revisiting this sweet sweet day of Jolie and Casey not only warms my heart, but brings back such fond memories from a beautiful day on the top of a mountain in western Maine. Granite Ridge Estate and Barn will forever be one of my favorite venues solely for its picture perfect location – just look at the breathtaking view! JolieContinue reading “Jolie and Casey’s Enchanting Western Maine Wedding | Granite Ridge Estate and Barn”

AFA Takes On E-Commerce: Helpful Tips For Using Our NEW Online Store!

That’s right friends, you read that title correctly! It’s official! We are so blessed and excited to announce the launch of our new online rental store!These past few weeks have been filled to the brim with changes, but this one is by far one of the most exciting. With our new showroom ready to bringContinue reading “AFA Takes On E-Commerce: Helpful Tips For Using Our NEW Online Store!”

Alli and Morgan’s Classic Flanagan Farm Wedding | Buxton, Maine

Am I the only one wondering how March is already here? These first few months of 2017 have flown by, but we’re certainly not complaining! Spring is just around the corner and I am loving every minute of chasing away the late winter blues! The first warm days of the year are ones I cherish like no other, giving theContinue reading “Alli and Morgan’s Classic Flanagan Farm Wedding | Buxton, Maine”

Kyla and Struan’s Press Hotel Wedding | Portland, Maine

Happy February my sweet friends! We are officially smack dab in the middle of the month of love (Happy belated Valentine’s day!), and I so hope you enjoyed our four part series of fabulous camp weddings. Now, we’re taking a step out of the woods to the big city and personally, I can’t think ofContinue reading “Kyla and Struan’s Press Hotel Wedding | Portland, Maine”