Farewell, 2013!

This year has brought so many wonderful blessings, learning opportunities, expanse and growth, but above all, more love.  We can all use more of that, right?

As we look back on this amazing year, we reflect on so many people that contributed to our success and the success and beauty of these memorable events that made 2013 so incredible.  There are countless people, vendors, family members and staff that shared their talents, their time, their kindness, not to mention sweat (my husband and hardworking and constant mover of heavy objects, and my sister, who braved a few ladders at excruciating heights), tears (yes, I still cry at almost every wedding) and laughter (thank goodness!).  How lucky are we, to have had these experiences, these incredibly memorable moments, that make saying goodbye to 2013 so hard?

These are just a few of the incredible people we’ve come to know and love this year.  Thank you to all of our Clients for entrusting us with your special day this year and we wish you every happiness 2014 has to bring!

We wish all of our readers, fans and followers all the love and gratitude for your support this year and beyond.   Here’s to 2014!

With Great Love,



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