Sweet Endings

I have to say that I personally am not a big dessert person, unless it’s what’s for dinner and it’s __________.  I’m not a picky eater by any means, but I do have a discerning sweet tooth. I decided long ago if I’m going to waste calories on sugar it’s got to be decadent, not too sweet and well worth it.  That being said,  I am not disappointed to see wedding cakes go by the wayside.  To a point.  I love tradition-there is something to be said for what’s tried and true and all it stands for, but I love love love all of the creativity that goes into what comes after dinner.  From the color to the comfort food, the sweet table is where it’s at.


I do enjoy the beauty of French macaroons, but I have found them to be no match to the Maine Whoopie Pie in terms of taste.  Perfect grab and go back to the dance floor.

{photo courtesy: White Loft Studio}


Remember my post about Megan and Nick’s food table displays?  Let’s just say their preference for variety didn’t stop there.  Guests truly feel catered to when they’re presented with an opportunity of choice.


This display is enticing, reflective of the couple’s palette and surroundings, and appeals to a wide range of tastes.  Oh, and did we mention it’s displayed on the flatbed of a classic antique pick up?  Yep, we rent that too.


How adorable are these strawberry pie pops??  They remind me of pop tarts on a stick.


{Beautiful desserts by Nothing Bakes Like A Parrott}

No farm with a fire pit does without marshmallow, graham crackers and chocolate!

Just across the way we have…


s’mores, of course! (gotta love prop re-use)


This amazing baker handmade these rustic dessert tiers to compliment Sara and Jeff’s outdoor decor.


I am quite happy to know that the cupcake trend is still with us, and with flavor combinations like my personal fave: organic coconut cake filled with caramel topped with hand whipped vanilla cream, toasted coconut and caramel drizzle.  Or how about (ready for this?) lemon zest chiffon cake, filled with fresh blueberry compote, topped with marscapone vanilla cream cheese, fresh Maine blueberries and blueberry drizzle.  I witnessed, er…tasted these beauties, so I know there can be that much goodness in a single hand (make that double hand) filled cake!


{Cupcakes by Aprilla Cakes}

Pair these baby cakes with some gelato and you’ve made some happy guests into fans of your rock star wedding.

{gelato cart from Gelato Fiasco}


I especially love mini desserts served from cute little hand held vessels.  People can’t resist the idea of having a small taste of something that is compact and all their own.  From shot glasses to mason jars to espresso mugs,  the prepared dessert in  a cup idea is creative, portable and thoughtful.


And let’s not forget the always amazing, home-style, fresh out of the oven at your Mom’s, pie.  It’s an awesome novelty dessert that is perfect for events…in all it’s warm and gooey messiness.


{photo courtesy: Li Ward of Fat Orange Cat Studio}

{desserts: Somethin’ Sweet Bakery}

Whether your heart sings for Tony’s donuts or a very traditional old school Croquembouche, as always, listen intently and with purpose.  It’s your day and it truly is about you.

Published by Paula Cano

I am a passionate mother, a grateful and loving wife, an appreciative daughter, a stupendously lucky granddaughter, a very proud sister, a fortunate friend and a constant desire to live creatively, be inspired and share the love. I am also the owner and Creative Director of an event planning and prop rental business, A Family Affair of Maine. Here I aspire to share my professional experience as a party producer, host, designer, coordinator, promoter, craftsman, chef, Mom and partner in crime, not in that specific order.

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